Find the Drive-In Rack Pallet Rack You Need for Your Company


One type of pallet racking available is Drive-In Rack and drive-through pallet racking systems. This is a versatile system with lots of storage space. The difference between a drive-in and drive-thru system is the entry and exit of the rack. This means that what was stored last comes out first. On the other hand, a drive-thru system consists of two points. Drive-Thru Rack are a great option for offices to store a lot of things but lack space. There are different types of pallet racks to meet these needs. Entrance and exit are separate. What you put in first can be taken out even earlier. There are other forms of pallet racks available that are deeper than wide. These are called pushback pallets. They have a high density for storing things. This type of palette takes up less space in your office.

The points given below can be used as a checklist to help you make the right choice.

Storage Density

Consider volume, size and weight based on SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). Remember, some industry-specific pallet racks are available to organize and store light, medium and heavy loads. For example, if your application requires the storage of heavy products, consider choosing from double-deep, drive-in, drive-thru, Pallet Flow Rack and pushback racks.

The design and function of these racks used for FIFO inventory management differs from the racks used for LIFO inventory management. Therefore, it is important to understand the types of inventory management to choose the ideal one. For LIFO inventory management, consider choosing a pushback or drive-in rack. On the other hand, for a FIFO environment, choose a Pallet Flow Racking or similar deep lane storage unit.

Rack Deck

Consider purchasing additional rack components such as pallet supports and decks to accompany your pallet rack. These components can be used to provide additional safety and security to both stored products and pallet racking systems.

Forklift access is very important. Forklift access is critical for specialized pallet racking systems such as drive-in, drive thru racking and double deep racks. Check with your manufacturer or supplier to see if your racking system can provide long-term service and performance, even if you constantly interact with your forklift during loading and unloading operations.


All big companies have problems with office storage. With so much to store and less space every day, we have to look for other storage options. The use of pallet racks is an option that has been discovered recently. Drive In Racking can solve space limitation problems. Pallet racks take up less space in your warehouse and fit comfortably in your office. These pallet racks come in many different styles and types. The various options available solve the office storage problems and give a sober and restrained look to the office.

DISTRIBUTION X has found a great solution in the form of pallet racks. This will keep your office neat and tidy everywhere it is. Storage is also easy because employees know better where things are stored. Its biggest advantage of drive in racking system is better utilization of space with limited physical resources.

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